You all meet in a pub….

So this is where it begins.

Keep on the Shadowfell set in Forgotten Realms. After reading it through it looks like quite a good adventure, especially when set against the backdrop of Faerun. So thats where we will begin, as 1st level characters, on the border of Cormyr and Sembia, ready to stop an ancient evil from rising again.

But before we get into that, i’ll put up some pointers about character creation, background, and other stuff we’ve discussed on the forum.

Feel free to add comments, and ask any questions about anything game related.

Some Quick Guidelines

This is pretty much what has been covered in the forum posts, but i’ll put up extra stuff as I think of it.

So, here are the guidelines for Character Creation, backgrounds and class. And some ideas on how i’ll be running the game.

Shadows Over Cormyr

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