Shadows Over Cormyr

A New Beginning

The Martyrs Reborn!

Eleasis 18th – 22nd, 1479 DR

With Kalarel defeated, the Keep cleared, and the loot collected, the Martyrs returned to Winterhaven. Lord Padraig gave them a heroes welcome, showering them with praise, and gifting them an official Charter to operate in Cormyr.

They decided to rest and recuperate for a few days in Winterhaven, while deciding where to head to next. During this rest, Splug informs Haldamir that he knows of the Paladin he is seeking, and offers to lead him to his location. After little deliberation, Haldamir and Alric choose to set off by themselves for Thay, led by Splug to seek their destiny.

On the 3rd day in Winterhaven, a new adventurer arrives in town, a Dragonborn Paladin by the name of Seran. He has traveled from the west, and brings word of Hobgoblins raiding in the Hillock Forest, and the Cormyrian Army rebuilding the Keep. After a few drinks, Ereven and Geralt offer him a place in the group, which he happily accepts.

The following morning they all depart for Thunderspire Peak, following leads and clues that should lead them to the Bloodreavers. The same bloodreavers that Ereven, Alturas and Geralt had been tracking for the last month. The journey is largely uneventful, until they reach the hamlet of Hillmarch. Here the town is raided by hobgoblin slavers, obviously Bloodreavers.

The townsfolk tell them that they had not had an attack for months, but in the last few weeks the raids were becoming more regular. This is not surprising, as Hillmarch is only a few hours south of Thunderspire.

They press on to Thunderspire Peak itself, travelling up the valley path, and finally in under the Minotaur Gate. All were awed by the Road of Lanterns, and the sheer size of the ruins. A few hundred yards in, the Martyrs overheard a group of hobgoblins, and turned down a side path to investigate. They quickly dispatched the small band, and freed Rendil Halfmoon, a halfing residing in the Seven-Pillared Hall.

Rendil thanks the group by offering them free ale and board at his family inn in the Hall, which of course is accepted by all.


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