Shadows Over Cormyr

The Chamber of Eyes

Justice Comes to the Bloodreavers

Morning, Eleasis 23rd, 1479 DR

The remnants of the Martyrs spend the night drinking and partying in the Halfmoon Inn, deep under Thunderspire Peak. They rise the next morning to discuss their next move, and decide to go direct to the Bloodreavers hideout. Rendil is able to give detailed directions to the Chamber of Eyes, and ancient Temple dedicated to Ghaunadaur, and now the home of Krand and his Bloodreavers.

Seeking further information, they find one of the Mages of Saruun, Orontor, at the customhouse. He welcomes them to the Hall, and ‘requests’ their aid. One of his fellow mages, Paldemar, has not been seen in many weeks, and reports of his activities have been quite disturbing to Orontor. He requires the adventurers to seek out any information on Paldemar and report back. There is no allowance for failure…

After Erevan upsets the local Deepgem Company, they depart through the Dragon Door, on what should be a trip of only an hour or so. Along the way they encounter a Dwarf and his retinue of human mercenaries. The Dwarf demands they bow before their King! He is obviously quite mad, and Erevan and Geralt pay homage. Saren, on the other hand, asks as politely as possible, why they should bow to the little man? The ‘King’ is enraged, and orders the attack!

King Thain is quickly slain, but his mercenaries have the upper hand in the fight. After a few seconds, their leader calls for a stop to the fight, he cannot see the point in continuing when their employer is now dead. The Martyrs agree, and they all go on their separate ways.

The Martyrs continue on to the Chamber of Eyes, and after some deliberation decide to split and pincer the Goblins in the first Guard Room. Saren and Geralt burst through the front doors, while Erevan sneaks through a side door, thoroughly confusing a hapless goblin in the process. After a few seconds it is over, a surviving bugbear reveals Krand, the Hobgoblin leader, is further into the Chamber.

At this point all was going well. After this point…

Geralt finds a room with a large pool in it, he wishes to investigate. The other two want to go an check a door they had seen earlier. Instead of flipping a coin, they split up.

Geralt heads into the pool room, and is intrigued by the mermaid statue in the center of the water. He strips down, and wades out into the cold water, checking the statue in detail, and finding nothing. Satisfied, he climbs out and begins to dress.

Meanwhile, Erevan has carefully opened his door, and finds himself staring at two slightly startled duergar dwarfs. They quickly attack, poisoning him and launching a vicious strike. Saren is able to finish off one of the dwarfs, when Krand himself, along with his mage, arrive in the room. The mage steals the show, first with a lightning blast to weaken Saren, and then a force pulse to knock him down. Krand sees his chance, rushing to the prone Saren and knocking him unconscious as he tries to flee. Erevan decides it is better to survive to fight another day, and flees back to the Hall.

Geralt finishes getting dressed, encounters a few hobgoblins, and goes to find his companions. He is met by a few blood stains, drag marks, and a sense of dark forbodding. He too, flees back to the Hall.

At the Halfmoon Inn, Erevan organises a rescue party. He hires the four mercenaries they encountered earlier in the day to accompany him to the Chamber of Eyes. Geralt is not too sure, but finally decides to come along, and together they return to rescue their friend.

Early Afternoon, Eleasis 23rd, 1479 DR

This time it is a different story, the now six adventurers rip through the few hobgoblins left in the main Chamber. They rush into the back rooms, finding Krand and his mage completely unprepared. Within seconds it is over, and before he dies, Krand reveals that Saren is held in the dining hall. The adventurers regroup, and move to the final act of their rescue…


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