Shadows Over Cormyr

The Chamber of Eyes - Part 2

Lets try this again...

Early Afternoon, Eleasis 23rd, 1479 DR

The adventurers have a short rest in Krands quarters, and ransack the few rooms for treasure and weapons. Instead they find a letter from the Grimmerzhul Duergar, detailing their latest slave purchase. Finding little else, they move onto the kitchens, and hopefully their lost companion, Saren.

With little finesse, they smash down the door to the kitchen, and with little effort dispatch the few remnants of the Blood Reavers. Within moments it is over, and they find Saren bound, gagged and naked in the back storeroom. And this is where things get very interesting.

Erevan quietly pays Subbie to grapple and hold Geralt, which he does easily, and tries to remove Geralts pants…. Geralt, quite understandably, does not like this idea, and resists. Erevans logic is that it was Geralts fault that Saren was captured, therefore he should surrender his pants to preserve Sarens dignity. (Please note that Saren is a 9 foot tall Dragonborn, and Geralt is not. The odds of the pants even fitting are slim at best.)

Somehow, Geralt is able to twist out of the hold, and immediately attacks Erevan. Saren comes to his aid, and rather quickly Geralt is on the ground, unconscious and dying. Erevan ties him up and treats his wounds, Geralt regains consciousness and is not happy, so much so that he immediately leaves the party and returns to the city.

At this point Saren has a look in the multitude of crates in the kitchen, and in the first one he looks in finds all his possessions, including his pants. You’d think they could have searched sooner…

Morning, Eleasis 24th, 1479 DR

After a good nights rest, (drinking and whoring), at the Halfmoon Inn, the adventurers decide on their next course of action. But before they can, they meet an Avenger called Angelus, who is new to town, and looking for a group to join up with. As soon as they see his ‘PC Glow’, Angelus is welcomed into the party.

They first head to see Orontor, who is disappointed they have no news on Paldemar. But he does offer some insight into the Duergar, and that they may be a good next point of call. He suggests, Terrlen, the guide would be best for directions, and he should be found at Gendars Curios Store.

Of course he is not, but Gendar, the Drow antiques dealer, asks the group to recover a Drow Skull Sceptre, taken by the Grimmerzhaul Duergar to their hold. Unfortunately he has no directions to where it is, only that it is down the Road of Shadows somewhere.

And so they head to the Grimmerzhaul Trading Post, where Saren insults the first Duergar he sees and is promptly attacked. The party bravely runs away and tries to report this attack to Brugg, who has nothing of their story. In fact, he informs them that so long as the fighting happens inside, it doesn’t count as inside the Seven Pillared Hall. Taking this to heart, the party rushes back into the Trading Post, slaughtering all but one of the Duergar, who escapes out a back door into the Road of Shadows. At least now they have a map to the Horned Hold, and an idea of how many Duergar are there.


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