Arturas Al'ran

A half-elf Ranger from the mountains of Highcastle in Cormyr...


Arturas Al’ran is a half-elf Ranger. He comes from a strong lineage of warriors. His father served with the legions in a far off land and only moved East after the legions had conquered a land colonised by elven folk. He married an elven maiden and with a score of followers set off on a journey which took many, many cycles to complete. Arturas was born in transit and he grew in the mountains of Highcastle, where Cato Al’ran together with his friends settled.

Arturas was taught the martial skills at a young age and when he came of age he set off on his own journey of manhood by joining the Royal corps of Highcastle. He served for 15 years as a leader of man and towards the end of his term as a scout for the Royal corps. He left in disgrace and returned home to find it in ruins without a survivor. Since that day he has been haunted by feeling disgraced by not being present to help defend those he loved. He has spent his time hunting evil where it may lurk and what was once a jovial lad is now a hard hearted vanquisher of darkness. He swore vengeance and by Erathis he will have his day!

Arturas Al'ran

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