Character Creation

Ok, i’ll expand a bit on what i put into my first post.

The Basics

Only 1st level characters. But i may allow higher as part of a secret deal involving evil deities, the re-incarnation of Mystra, or some similar ‘my-destiny-is-certain-death-in-a-less-than-heroic-way’ sort of slant.

Either use the points system or an array for stats. But again, changes are possible…

Equipment is whatever you can afford. Unless you can give me a great background justifying something else.

As for no-go areas…i don’t think there are any. Perhaps just steer clear of anything except the core rulebooks, so no Dragon or Dungeon articles. This is mostly because i haven’t read them all yet. Go for any race or class in any of the Player Handbooks (1, 2, and Forgotten Realms) and you’ll be pretty right.

But of course, if you have an idea for a character that is from another source, drop me a line and we’ll discuss it.

The Background

Feel free to write as much or as little as you’d like. If you want something that will affect the game, i’m sure we can work it into it somehow. Especially if it involves selling your soul or making some sort of deal with powers best left alone.

And as for depth, the more the better. Try to go beyond height, age and alignment. And if you want an example of the other end of the scale, try this questionnaire. Somewhere in between would be nice.

The main detail I ask for is to know why are you in Cormyr? Are you on a simple errand, has your mentor set you a task, are you running from something? There are a million reasons why you would be there, and it makes starting the game a lot easier.

Character Classes

This is something i’m happy to leave completely in your hands. It already sounds like we’ll get a good mix of classes and types, which is exactly what is needed.

I’m not too big on restricting alignments or choice of god, it can make for some interesting roleplaying. I once had a Lawful Good Paladin of Tyr in the same group as a Chaotic Evil Rouge who worshiped Umberlee. That made for some interesting sessions, especially when negotiation or reward distribution was under way.

So really, write a character you want to play, and just let me know what it is and how it got there before hand. And as always, if you need some advice on design or background, drop me a line.

Character Creation

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